Welcome to the blog of Members’ Forum 2017.

British Consulate Reception at Members’ Forum 2016

On the evening of 12 July, CIOB and the British Consulate General hosted a reception bringing together senior representatives from across the global construction industry to discuss the importance of construction management and value of international trade.

20160712_184055It also provided an opportunity for construction management professionals to speak to government officials about the key long-term issues facing the sector, and where they and the CIOB can help provide solutions. Frances Moffett-Kouadio, Trade Commissioner for UKTI Hong Kong, spoke on opportunities in Hong Kong and the wider region for international construction organisations, as well as the wider value of trade links. We also heard from CIOB President Paul Nash and Mung Kin Fai Charles, CIOB Hong Kong President.

The CIOB is very proud of the strong links that we have developed between Britain and Hong Kong’s construction sectors over many years; it might surprise some to know that Hong Kong is one of the most successful international membership regions of the CIOB with over 2,000 members.
This has been helped in no small part due to the fact that CIOB qualifications are globally applicable – essentially a passport to wherever people want to work.
From a policy perspective, CIOB wants to promote closer collaboration and stronger relationships between ourselves and governments globally. This of course ties into the need for greater recognition at government level and beyond, more of which you can read here.
According to the Global Construction 2030 report, the global construction market is set to grow to $US17.5 trillion by 2030. With an ever-increasing numbers of people living in cities – and this is

Frances Moffett-Kouadio, Trade Commissioner for UKTI Hong Kong

especially true in somewhere as densely populated as Hong Kong – the need for sustainable construction solutions and the skills and products required to deliver them has never been greater.

David Hawkes, CIOB Policy Manager

CIOB, as a global professional body, is uniquely placed to help by providing independent, objective and informed advice. Together we can help bring together international knowledge and offer the opportunities for trade to flourish.