Delegates invited to Members’ Forum are those who volunteer and work with the CIOB across a variety of roles. This includes Board of Trustees, Regional Hub Chairs, and the CIOB’s Management Board. 

Find out more about the delegates representing each area below:

Board of Trustees

Our Board of Trustees consists of 16 Members who are legally responsible for the management of the CIOB. The trustees have to make sure that our finances are sound and that things are being done according to the regulations relating to charities and the Royal Charter.

Meet the Board of Trustees

Get to know the trustees.

Regional Hub Delegates

We have members across the globe representing the leaders of the construction industry and to support that spread of work we have regional hubs. To lead these hubs we look for Chartered members who care about helping others in their area, that have a strong sense for the issues and topics that members need to know about and that can help us showcase professionalism in the industry. Each of those Chairs are invited to attend Members’ Forum to represent the voice and views of the membership in their region and provide them with the support and knowledge they need to continue to advocate for our industry in their location. 

Meet the Regional Hub delegates

Find out who is representing your area. 

Board of Management

Our seven directors, along with our incoming CEO Caroline Gumble (starting August 2019), form our board of management. It is their job to oversee the day-to-day operation of the organisation and make sure that the decisions taken by the board of trustees are implemented.

Meet the Board of Management

Get to know the team responsible for day to day operation of the CIOB.