Meet the Members' Forum Delegates

Meet the Members’ Forum Delegates

Members’ Forum delegates are invited from every stage of the CIOB journey and help to guide the direction of the CIOB in the coming year. Meet some of the delegates, trustees and staff helping to drive forward the CIOB below.


Our Board of Trustees is legally responsible for the management of the Institute. Our chief executive reports to the Board. The trustees have to make sure that our finances are sound and that things are being done according to the regulations relating to charities and the Royal Charter.

Member Delegates

Every year the CIOB invites delegates from throughout the world, at every stage of their journey through membership, to participate in Members’ Forum. These delegates provide direction and feedback on the direction the institute will take over the coming year.

Leadership Team

Our board of management is made up of eight directors. It is their job to oversee our day-to-day operation and make sure that the decisions taken by the board of trustees are implemented.