Welcome to the blog of Members’ Forum 2017.

Global Recognition of the CIOB

Recognition of CIOB professional qualifications is an important theme at this year’s Members’ Forum. It’s a big subject and the discussions will kick off with a workshop in the week ahead. At the CIOB, we know that the MCIOB signifies the highest mark of knowledge, skills and professionalism but we still need to work hard to convince the rest of the world.


Our education team drove forward the work in 2013 to get MCIOB formally benchmarked by the UK qualifications comparison agency UK NARIC. UK NARIC confirmed that MCIOB is comparable to British Bachelor Honours Degree level. Any member can now purchase a statement of comparability from UK NARIC to confirm this.. That can help members who don’t hold a university degree to access higher education, jobs and opportunities to live and work overseas.


We know of many examples where this recognition has helped a member. Here are two recent ones. Alan, a CIOB member, completed a master’s degree and he wrote “Membership of the CIOB is a privilege that I respect greatly, without which I would not have even been able to qualify for entry onto the course.” In Australia, Peter, another CIOB member, needed a licence to work. After many frustrating years of trying to get the Australian authorities to recognise the MCIOB, he has had success. Peter wrote “thanks to the NARIC work and a 2 hour interview I have now obtained my A Class licence to build within the Australian National Capital region.”


We still need to raise the status of our professional qualifications with employers and clients. Some employers won’t accept MCIOB in lieu of a degree for their graduate level jobs. One member who works for a council was told that the organisation will not accept MCIOB as equivalent to a university degree. Much of this is ignorance about what a professional qualification is in its broadest sense. Our challenge is to improve understanding of the value and standard of CIOB professional qualifications so that the rest of the world sees it for what it is. Excellence.